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SPOOKY & STB in Tokyo

What’s Harukaze? -What’s ~Spring Love~ Harukaze?- ~Spring Love~ Harukaze is a No Charge Free “Hanami” Gathering with the notion to brainstorm and act on “how we should address diverse challenges in our lives and era” through Music & Community. This year, we will gather again under the full(fingers crossed) blooming cherry blossoms at Yoyogi Park, on March 31st (Sat) & April 1st (Sun) with full support from numerous artists and volunteers. *Hanami = A Picnic under a Cherry Blossom tree -History- Harukaze started as a small group of music festival staffs partying under a cherry blossoming tree. And continued on to celebrate and spread actions rooting in the 1997 Global Warming Prevention Kyoto Conference, growing into a Free Festival in 1998. After a long break from 2002 to 2009, this gathering relaunched as “~Spring Love~ Harukaze” with a new theme “LIVE ART DANCE LIFE and love”. Acting as a media to promote diverse lifestyles and unique methods toward life and community. -Hanami Gathering- The basic concept for 2018 is “Hanami Gathering”. This festival started from a small group of us just chilling under a tree. Harukaze’s ultimate mission is to celebrate the coming of spring and the new lives within, and to grow as many “sprouts” as possible handed to us. *Hanami = A Picnic under a Cherry Blossom tree -The theme for 2018 is “LIVE ART DANCE LIFE and love”. We will give another touch to Yoyogi Park’s Hanami Season rooting in these phrases. *Hanami = A Picnic under a Cherry Blossom tree [LIVE] In 2017, for our first time, the Artist we booked were all LIVE Artists. This challenge brought a new creative edge and decor to the festival sight. We will continue on to redesign the sight with “Live Art” whether the art form being music or visual. [ART] We will be bringing a bit more force into the area focusing on visual art, with LIVE PAINTING and LIVE ART PERFORMANCE. Artists from the ART STAGE will be decorating the entire sight with their works. [DANCE] Everybody will be shaking their bodies to LIVE Artists at Yoyogi Park. And those who aren’t satisfied with the “picnic” vibe in Yoyogi should come along to “Daikayama Unit (venue)” for our all night dance party, featuring Fabulous Dancers and DJs. [LIFE] Especially after the 2011 March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku JAPAN, all generations have been redesigning and brainstorming a diverse and alternative way of live and community design. We’re keen on presenting these fresh unique lifestyles to kickoff discussions for a “true prosperity”. Harukaze has always promoted and based upon renewable energy. Although the equipment and gear are hidden behind art and music, you’ll be able to look for them if interested. We think this will be a good way to test out new technologies to be more ready for future natural hazards. -ON LINE!- Harukaze has been streaming online as “HANAMI NET” stationing in numerous venues and clubs with in Tokyo. We started this station to promote ideas, artists through talk shows and Live Performances. During the gathering, “HANAMI NET” will be streaming from the Yoyogi sight. We are happy that we are able to reach dancers and friends from all over Japan and world wide. -About the Organization- Spring Love is a private NPO formed mainly by members based in the Festival Scene such as Sound Engineers, Stage Technicians, Promotion Agents, Festival Management Offices , Zine Publishers DJs and house wives.

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